Fitting Instructions

Hand sewing your patches is the neatest way to sew your patches on as it is much easier to follow
the contours by hand than it is using a machine, although it can take a while.
The following patch took about 20 minutes to fit.


1. Prepare and clean your area
before placing your patch.

2. Top tip!! Apply double-sided sticky
tape to hold your patch in place.
3. Cut a space in the lining big
enough to get your hand in.


4. Knot the end of your thread big enough
that it wont come through.

5. Start from the inside so that the knot
is hidden.

6. Take your time and space your
sewing evenly.

7. Once your done sew your
lining back together.

8. Finished


Hand or machine sewing isn't always possible or practical.
We tried dozens of different types of adhesives before we discovered our new fitting process.
The backing on our patches has micro fibres which adheres amazingly with Superglue & Mitre Bond.
Take a look at our short video below of how easy FlexiPatch patches are to fit using our recommended glues.

Most Super Glue types will work. We had instant success with Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel and it only costs £1.00
We have also had 100% success using Mitre Bond by Geocel. (I would imagine other Mitre Bond adhesives would work just as well but this is the one we tested and had instant success with.) You should be able to get it at any local hardware store or on eBay for around £10. This is the
Geocel website.
Apply a the smaller tube around the outer edges and possibly lines across the back of your patch and once your ready spray the activator on your leathers where you want the patch to go, wait for a couple of seconds then place and hold your patch for the 10 seconds it requires. You will find that it may heat up during the chemical reaction process. Our patch has fine fibres on the back which makes this type of adhesive perfect for attaching to both the fibres on your patch and the surface on your leathers.
Be aware that it is a permanent fix! If you pull it off it will remove the top layer from your leathers!


Detailed instructions are sent with every order.


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